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Retirement Solutions Webinar

A New Administration: The Changes Advisors Need to Know

January 21 11 - Noon EST

Elections have consequences.

Whether you love or hate the outcome, the reality is elections affect crucial retirement programs. Social Security. Medicare and Medicaid. 401(k)s and other qualified plans.

And with many of these programs experiencing funding issues, reform could be on the way. Retirement planning is a moving target – and even though the winds are changing, your clients may need to adjust their plan now.

Join us to discuss the questions clients are asking at this critical time, such as:

  • How could the markets react to a blue vs red wave?
  • What regulatory reforms could a new administration bring?
  • What will the future of Social Security look like?
  • What might a change in power mean for tax policy?

Set your clients up so that no matter what happens in Washington, they can retire with confidence. Register now!

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Who You’ll Be Hearing From

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Jamie Hopkins, Esq., MBA, CFP®, LLM, CLU®, ChFC®, RICP®
Director of Retirement Research,
Carson Group

Jamie Hopkins is the Managing Director of Carson Coaching and Director of Retirement Research at Carson Group, a national wealth management firm that offers coaching and partnership to financial advisors. A nationally recognized writer, researcher and educator, Jamie is a regular contributor for Forbes, InvestmentNews and MarketWatch. He has been published in dozens of financial, educational and legal journals, and he’s the media’s go-to expert on retirement income planning and tax law.