Asking for Referrals in a Virtual World

Good conversations rise above the noise.

COVID-19. Hybrid school schedules. The upcoming election. In the final months of the 2020, most Americans can agree – we’re tired. It's hard enough just to get clients to accept an appointment. So how can you expect to grow your client base – virtually?

You need the right words. Outstanding advisors confidently guide fruitful conversations by drawing on insightful, helpful and repeatable mental scripts. Watch as we review how to engage clients in a referral conversation – even when you are not physically in front of them. You’ll learn:

  • How to be confidently prepared with language to maximize virtual conversations
  • Effective referral language that cultivates new, profitable center-of-influence relationships
  • Helpful ideas to say top-of-mind in a distracting world

Who You’ll Be Hearing From

Paul Kingsman

Paul Kingsman
National Director of Practice Management,
Ash Brokerage

Paul Kingsman works directly with advisors who want to grow their protection and retirement income planning practices. Through his speaking, writing and business coaching, Paul helps advisors set up processes to attract quality prospective clients and remain relevant in the ever-changing world of financial services. As a former financial advisor, he understands what works in the real world, teaching practical, actionable solutions to advisors' everyday challenges.