Instant Issue with Ash Term Express

The need to go paperless is accelerating.

Most clients are adapting to a digital world. The industry is too. A few months ago, we released Ash Term Express with the goal of offering the most straightforward digital term application platform ever.

And we are continuing to make it better. Watch to see how Instant Issue will transform the industry, and which carriers are offering it. For clients who qualify, term coverage can be applied for and issued in about 15 minutes from start to finish.

You'll learn more about:

  • How to submit and deliver an Instant Issue app through Ash Term Express
  • How Instant Issue works, and who qualifies
  • How to manage your cases through interactive dashboards

Ash Term Express makes applying for term insurance simple and straightforward. Instant Issue is just another way to get coverage for your client quicker.

Who You’ll Be Hearing From

Todd Ruplinger

Todd Ruplinger
Chief Distribution & Innovation Officer
Ash Brokerage

Todd Ruplinger is known for continuously pushing business boundaries and challenging long-held assumptions within the insurance industry. With deep experience across strategy, growth opportunities and implementing innovative solutions, Todd’s passion lies in making processes simpler. Over his 25 years of insurance experience, he has created digital solutions to drive development for advisors, consumers and institutions.

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Sam Rocke
SVP, Protection,
Ash Brokerage

Sam Rocke leads the Protection division at Ash Brokerage. He's driven to produce the best possible results for each individual, family or business as he assists by providing objective evaluations of new or existing coverage.