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Retirement Solutions Webinar

Protect Against Social Security Reductions (we'll show you how)

Experience the first product - EVER - to protect against a reduction in Social Security benefits.

Social Security benefit reductions could derail much of what you’ve set out to achieve with your clients’ retirement plans. The Social Security Administration is forecasting a 24% reduction in benefits by 2034, if changes are not enacted by Congress. That’s less than 15 years away, and the impact on clients working now to retire in the next 15 years, or later, could be devastating to their financial plan.

You can now grow clients’ assets with a competitive crediting rate, while protecting against future gaps in retirement income. Join us for our upcoming webinar to find out how. We’ll cover details about American Life’s PlanGap™ Annuity that:

  • Is built on a 5-year MYGA chassis with effective yield above 3%
  • Offers up to 6% PlanGap™ Bonus for five consecutive years credited to account value
  • Allows the PlanGap™ Bonus to be withdrawn, penalty free, to cover gaps in retirement income
  • Includes enhanced liquidity and enhanced death benefit included in every contract

By preparing now you can avoid loss of Social Security benefits in the future. This is one webinar you won’t want to miss. Save your seat today!

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Who You’ll Be Hearing From


Megan Easton
Director, Retirement Training and Consumer Education,
Ash Brokerage

Megan Easton delivers educational campaigns, marketing material and ideas that you can put directly into practice with your clients. Prior to joining Ash, she was responsible for helping grow annuity sales by creating and implementing a complete training platform. She has a passion for connecting the needs of clients, advisors and distributors, to educate on the importance of retirement income.