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Life Insurance Webinar

A New Generation of Life Insurance

Funds for retirement. Tax-free saving. Tax-deferred accumulation.

Permanent life insurance has always been more than just a death benefit – when structured correctly it can also be a vehicle to help clients prepare for retirement.

If your clients have questions about how much to save, and the best way to reach that goal, you won’t want to miss this webinar. In addition to discussing the need to prepare for retirement, we’ll cover specific examples of some of the options available, including:

  • Maximizing tax-qualified opportunities
  • Taxation difference of life insurance versus annuities
  • Advantages of indexed universal life insurance

Today’s life insurance solutions are innovative and effective. It’s time to think beyond whole life. Join us to learn what’s available, and how it can benefit your clients.

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Who You’ll Be Hearing From


Sam Rocke
SVP, Protection,
Ash Brokerage

Sam Rocke leads the Protection division at Ash Brokerage. He's driven to produce the best possible results for each individual, family or business as he assists by providing objective evaluations of new or existing coverage.


Bryan Haas
Advanced Case Design Team Lead,
Ash Brokerage

Bryan Haas leads the Advanced Case Design team. Since he joined Ash in 2013, Bryan has been a thoughtful leader, serving advisors through highly technical cases and policy review. His commitment to caring is felt by anyone who has the pleasure of asking him for assistance on case design, policy review or product configuration.