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Build Smarter Retirement Plans

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Increase your annuity sales by 62%

It’s a challenging time. Your clients need guidance to help protect and secure their retirement. And that's no easy task, especially as we are experiencing volatile interest rates, an upcoming presidential election and a possible second pandemic wave. If you’ve been concerned about how to use current strategies, look no further.

We have a solution that cuts through uncertainty and shows clients how their retirement would perform given various market conditions. And we do it in 15 minutes.

Choose to thrive with JourneyGuide, the best software for selling annuities.

JourneyGuide is the only software that proves when an annuity is in the best interest of your clients. Join our webinar to learn how to build smarter retirement plans that:

  • Optimize Social Security
  • Dramatically increase the probability of retirement success
  • Grow AUM
  • Increase annuity sales by an average of 62%

About the Speaker


Megan Easton delivers educational campaigns, marketing material and ideas that you can put directly into practice with your clients. Prior to joining Ash, she was responsible for helping grow annuity sales by creating and implementing a complete training platform. She has a passion for connecting the needs of clients, advisors and distributors, to educate on the importance of retirement income.

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