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Is Your Client’s Bond Income At Risk?

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You probably have clients age 60 or older who are currently (or soon will be) taking income from their bonds or bond funds. Chances are they are struggling with how to generate enough income in the current interest rate environment, as well as the uncertainty about where rates will be in the future. But whether rates remain flat, rise or fall, your clients’ ability to generate the income they need could be in jeopardy.

Watch this webinar replay to learn how you can address your client’s fixed income dilemma in addition to offering:

  • Income Bonus – 5% of the premium payment added to the Income Benefit Base (IBB)
  • Strong Income Growth Potential – Every day they delay taking income, the IBB grows
  • Guaranteed Lifetime Income – Whether they choose to take income immediately, or delay, their guaranteed income will continue uninterrupted

This Prudential annuity solution is a limited-distribution opportunity - with only a select number of companies chosen for launch. See how you can be among the first to offer this solution to your clients!

About the Speaker


Megan Easton delivers educational campaigns, marketing material and ideas that you can put directly into practice with your clients. Prior to joining Ash, she was responsible for helping grow annuity sales by creating and implementing a complete training platform. She has a passion for connecting the needs of clients, advisors and distributors, to educate on the importance of retirement income.

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