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Finding Funding for Long-Term Care

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It’s never real until you see the numbers.

You know your clients need a plan for long-term healthcare. But many think they can’t afford an insurance solution, so they go to the default – relying on the government, family or liquidating assets.

That isn’t planning. Don’t let your client’s plan be unintentional. There is usually a way to create leverage and share at least some of the risk of longevity with an insurance company.

Join us Mar. 26 to discuss:

  • Four quadrants of assets to look for funding
  • Using long-term care to uncover hidden assets you don’t manage
  • Changing the conversation from "do you qualify" to "let’s focus on your family"

About the Speaker

Chad_Eyrich.jpg Chad Eyrich is the LTC nerd. He not only helps educate advisors and their clients on the importance of care planning, but he also orchestrates a smooth application process from start to finish. He leads Ash's LTC sales team and travels through the United States to present educational seminars on care planning, funding options and alternatives to traditional LTC insurance.

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