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Making the Move From Tax-Deferred to Tax-Free

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Many clients have concerns about how they can fund their LTC needs while preserving their capital and receiving a reasonable rate of return – all while retaining access and control of their money.

But the best product solutions can solve more than one need. Take OneAmerica’s Annuity Care II, which addresses the need for long-term care planning and asset growth, conveniently packaged single-premium fixed interest, deferred annuity.

Join us to learn how this solution can provide benefits such as:

  • Built-in continuation of benefits provision
  • Tax-free payment for long-term care – regardless of gains
  • Easy underwriting with no exams or labs

And it’s fully guaranteed, so there are no surprises for your clients. What else makes it so great? We can’t wait to give you the details.

About this Webinar Series
Managing needs and expectations is a key part of the client-advisor relationship. And aligning expectations starts with understanding the individual solutions that match clients' needs with market realities. Our product training series focuses on helping you connect best-practice concepts with the products behind the solutions.

About the Speaker


Megan Easton stepped into a newly formed role to deliver educational campaigns, marketing material and ideas that you can put directly into practice with your clients. Prior to joining Ash, Megan was responsible for helping grow annuity sales by creating and implementing a complete training platform. She has a passion for connecting the needs of clients, advisors and distributors, to educate on the importance of retirement income.

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The information from carriers is not always communicated to us in a timely fashion. As a result, you will receive additional updates on time-sensitive information. In addition, be sure to check our website periodically. Product availability and features may vary by state. 

Prior to soliciting business, be certain you are appropriately licensed with your state, appointed with the insurer and the product has been approved for sale by the insurer in that state.