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Pour Lighter Fluid on All Your Presentations, Conversations and Marketing Activities

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From a one-on-one conversation to a packed seminar, engaging your clients starts with one thing: telling a captivating story. Clients make decisions based on emotion first, and then backed by logic. Join guest speaker Diedre Van Nest, creator of the Crazy Good Talks system, as she shares secrets on how to engage clients in all settings. She'll help you find the right story that artfully taps into people’s emotions and does the selling for you. It’s like pouring lighter fluid on all your conversations and marketing.

During her interactive presentation, you’ll learn:

  • Why relying on technical expertise alone to win and keep business is no longer enough
  • The biggest “sales killing” mistake most advisors make and how to avoid it when you speak and meet with clients
  • How successful advisors incorporate stories into their group presentations and meetings with clients and prospects
  • The three types of business stories every advisor should be telling
  • The step-by-step formula for crafting your own WHY stories.

Overcome skepticism and connect authentically with your listener's hearts in four minutes or less.

About the Speaker


Deirdre Van Nest is the go-to expert in the insurance and financial services industry on the topic of speaking. She is the creator of the Crazy Good Talks™ Blueprint, a system that teaches financial professionals how to gain a competitive edge, bring in business faster, and impact more lives through the power of speaking. She’s helped 1000's of financial professionals learn how to speak in a way that inspires action, gains them a competitive edge, and leverages their marketing time. Deirdre is an Italian/Irish New Yorker living in Minneapolis where she tries hard not to scare people with her loud voice and enthusiastic hand gestures.

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