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Solutions for Conservative Clients | American Landmark 3

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In our industry, financial advisors help all kinds of clients. From the risk-takers to the skittish investors and everyone in between. And what works for one client won’t necessarily be right for the next. It takes a strong knowledge of your clients’ circumstances to keep their financial well-being on track. This month’s product webinar focuses on solutions for your conservative clients. Clients who are looking for a low-risk investment, but are also determined to preserve their principal and even see growth potential.

Balancing and managing realistic return expectations that fit the client’s risk tolerance can be difficult. A possible solution is the American Landmark 3 from Great American. It might just save you – and your clients — some frustration. Wondering who this product targets?

Think of clients who:

  • Would like the flexibility to access their funds penalty-free after just three years
  • Are seeking diversified earning potential with exposure to U.S. and international equities and the U.S. real estate sector
  • Are no older than 90 years and looking for a way to grow and protect their legacy assets

Watch the replay to learn more about how the product works, and how it can help your more conservative clients.

About this Webinar Series
Managing needs and expectations is a key part of the client-advisor relationship. And aligning expectations starts with understanding the individual solutions that match clients' needs with market realities. Our product training series focuses on helping you connect best-practice concepts with the products behind the solutions.

About the Speaker


Megan Easton stepped into a newly formed role to deliver educational campaigns, marketing material and ideas that you can put directly into practice with your clients. Prior to joining Ash, Megan was responsible for helping grow annuity sales by creating and implementing a complete training platform. She has a passion for connecting the needs of clients, advisors and distributors, to educate on the importance of retirement income.

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