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Creating a High-Performing Practice

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We all like to win. But to win, you need to put in the work. Train. Adapt. Improve. You need to be diligent about the choices you make, working hard and working smart. This webinar is your pre-game locker room pep talk! We’ll help you get in the right frame of mind to focus on success for the long-term and take your financial services practice to next-level milestones for success.

Mike and his guests will discuss attributes that separate a good financial advisor from a great one, including:

  • Having a disciplined process and making intentional decisions
  • Earning the trust of prospective clients
  • Adopting a philosophy that embraces change
  • Creating a vision that drives a winning financial services practice

Don’t miss the chance to take your business to a higher-performing practice. 

About the Speaker


Just two years. That’s all the time it took for Kevin Donley to take a collegiate football program from scratch into not only a winner, but a conference champion and perennial NAIA Top 25 team the last 17 years. He'll show how the lessons he taught his players on and off the field translate to running a high-performing business.

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