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How to Create a Client Seminar Program (And Guarantee Success)

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Client-focused seminars work. They also take a lot of time to plan and execute – time you should be spending with your clients. Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone else do the work for you?

You need an expert in client marketing. Ash has partnered with White Glove to offer a turnkey seminar program – everything from booking a venue to content and follow-up. Learn how their fully digital, 100% done-for-you approach can help you:

  • Recruit new clients – guaranteed, or your next seminar is free
  • Drive additional attendance to seminars
  • Maintain a hands-off approach due to time or resource commitment
  • Establish a brand-new seminar program

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Brad Swineheart helps advisors grow their bottom line without doing a ton of work and taking on risk. He has helped grow the client success team at White Glove from 12 employees to over 50 highly trained seminar coaches and account managers. Together, they've helped more than1500 advisors complete more than 10,000 seminars. He'll show you how a partnership with White Glove through Ash Brokerage can transform their business.

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