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Why You Should Sell DI (and how we can help you do it)

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Your clients work hard to build a strong financial foundation – and so do you. Which is exactly why disability insurance shouldn’t be an after-thought. Once income is gone, it’s too late. It’s our job to make sure that everything works when your clients can’t.

Objections, hesitations and risk tolerance don’t mean anything once the unexpected happens. Now is the time to take 30 minutes to join our live discussion around income protection. We’ll take you through:

  • Disability Insurance 101
  • Key terms and riders
  • Overcoming common hesitations
  • Adding disability conversations to your planning process

Don’t miss the chance to get solid information, so you can help your clients see it through to a solid foundation.

About the Speaker


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Meghan Cormany helps advisors add value and protection for their clients through disability insurance. As a sales development specialist, she provides sales concepts, training and solutions to help integrate DI into existing planning conversations. Meghan has been an integral part of the Ash DI team since 2008 and is a leader in disability sales.

Tim Kukieza leads our Disability Income team. Tim Kukieza is passionate about the protection he helps to put in place. He knows coverage will dramatically and positively impacts clients’ lives when they need it most.

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