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What We Learned from 2018 Policy Outcomes

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Life insurance is like the Swiss Army knife of financial planning. It’s versatile enough to not only provide basic protection to a young family, but also create a more efficient legacy for the ultra-wealthy.

No matter how you structure the product for your clients, it’s about one key thing: outcomes. You take your clients’ needs and goals, and then you create protection for the future – both the known and unknown.

Join us as we close out our 2018 webinar series by reviewing some of our most successful outcomes of the year. We’ll look at several real cases and the lessons you can apply with your own clients, including:

  • Protecting key employees
  • Performing a policy review on both large and small policies
  • Planning for long-term care expenses

About the Speaker

Sam Rocke_web.jpg
Sam Rocke leads the Ash Life Audit, Life Marketing and Advanced Markets teams at Ash Brokerage. He's driven to produce the best possible results for each individual, family or business as he assists by providing objective evaluations of new or existing coverage.

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