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Long-Term Care at Work: A New Option for Businesses


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There’s a new option for buying LTC at work.

With enrollment season wrapping up, employee benefits are top of mind. You may not think of benefits as part of your business model … and you may not think of long-term care as a benefit … but business owners are always looking for new and unique offerings. This just might be one of the best opportunities you have to approach this pressing topic.

If you have clients who own businesses with five or more employees, take 30 minutes to attend this webinar. You’ll hear stories about a new LTC plan designed for workplace sales, which includes:

  • Unisex pricing
  • Streamlined group approval process
  • Competitively priced options

Don’t miss out on this new opportunity to provide an LTC option that can be affordable for the mass market.

About the Speaker

Lawrence Vivenzio has nearly a decade of experience in the LTCi industry from both agency and field sales perspectives.

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