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Just Ask: How Can You Make the LTC Process Easier?


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“Easy” and “long-term care” don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Not only are today’s products better – the process is better, too! Jacen Work will join us to explain how Lincoln Financial Group takes a different approach to make every step of the process easier. You’ll learn about:

  • Silver Brick Road – an innovative resource that is available to all MoneyGuard policyholders to help them through the claims coordination process
  • Lincoln’s new “Transformation” process – big changes that will enhance the application experience

Long-term care doesn’t have to be complicated. This webinar is one of three in November that will help you to simplify your approach to long-term care. Bring your questions, and we’ll bring answers. Watch the replay today!

About the Speaker

Jacen Work is an award-winning long-term care and life insurance leader. With 25-plus years of experience, he is responsible for management of wholesalers servicing national brokerage accounts. He has a superb track record assembling dynamic sales teams, and cultivating successful strategies that maximize profit and depth of market space in the bank, independent and wire channels.

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