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300 Percent Growth from 100 Percent Value


June 21, 2018
2-3 p.m. EDT

Grow Your Business with Focus

Increasing revenue isn’t tied to the next great sales concept, lower fees or higher commissions. It’s about bringing value to your clients. That simple commitment has helped us grow our Retirement division by nearly 300 percent in the last five years. And you can do the same.

Tim Ash, CEO of Ash Brokerage, joins Mike McGlothlin to discuss the deep, transformational changes that have driven us to help more than 10,000 families a year retire more securely. You’ll hear the story behind:

  • How shifting retirement demographics should shift your strategies
  • Why longevity and health care can no longer be ignored in the planning process
  • How Ash Brokerage plans to continue shaping the industry

This webinar is free, but the takeaways will be invaluable. Save your spot for this rare look at how you can learn from our past experiences. 

About the Speaker



Tim Ash is known as a visionary in the financial services community. He is an industry leader who envisions a future where insurance is easy, affordable and an essential part of a sound financial plan.  As CEO of Ash Brokerage, Tim has fostered an environment of success with team-focused empowerment and client-centered service. He has built a culture where people not only believe in what they do, but more importantly, they understand the reason behind their efforts. 

Mike McGlothlin and his team provide income-planning focused on longevity and tax efficiency. As executive vice president of retirement solutions at Ash Brokerage, he leverages 25 years of annuity and life insurance experience, to help advisors become more efficient and effective in their businesses.


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